Newsbleep 004: Bloopers!

Note: This episode is unavailable for now. We hope to have it back up soon.

To celebrate the anniversary of, I had a special bloopers show consisting entirely of clips from the previous three shows.

Newsbleep 004: Bloopers!

“It’s my birthday(.com)!” proclaims the front page of blogging super-site, As a syndicate of said super-site, Newsbleep thought a visual show of frivolity was in order. And so we bring you a very special Newsbleep 004: Bloopers!

(opening sequence)

The err of fellow members of human kind have long left us laughing languidly. Why do you think “Funniest Home Videos” is still on the air? It is in that spirit of mockery that we show you the best and the rest of the bloopers so far on Newsbleep.

(there are some hilarious bloopers)

And now, some highlights.


From my living room at Newsbleep Headquarters, this is Miles Rausch. Good night.

2 thoughts on “Newsbleep 004: Bloopers!”

  1. I totally made the bloopers lol…..i totally forgot i said that….i remember not being able to talk but lol haha…and im sitting by matt….2 days before he asked me out…haha.

    I love em Miles.

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