Newsbleep 006: A Very Lost Thanksgiving Newsbleep 006: “A Very Lost Thanksgiving”

Newsbleep in Lost font flies past.

Inset: Miles’ eye. Opens.

POV: Looking up from ground.

Wide shot of Miles lying on the ground. He’s missing a shoe. He appears in pain, looks down at his sock, moves his foot a little, and then puts his shoe on.

He hears something, turns his head quick, cut to quiet, empty crickets shots of both houses. Then he hears something else, he turns his head the other direction and sees Haji walking around near him. Walks past him.

Miles gradually, slowly gets up. He leans against the pool table, and pulls something out of his clothing. It’s shiny and metal.

Cut to Miles smiling at it. He puts it back in his pocket. “I’ve gotta help with Thanksgiving.” He gets up, and he runs up the stairs. Camera pushes in on a shoe hanging from the banister.

Miles bursts through coats into the living room. Camera swoops around him. He’s in Big Stone. He looks back downstairs. “I think I’m lost.” Commercial break.

He runs back down stairs, and ends up back in the Gregg house. He tries again, running up the steps, and he ends up at his apartment in Madison. “Wow. I’m really lost.” Commercial break.

He runs back down stairs, and ends up back in the Gregg house. He peeks up, his head appears in Madison, he ducks down, he peeks up, his head is in his car, he ducks down, his head appears in Val’s office, he ducks down.

“What are you doing?” says Marissa in the basement. “I’m… kinda… lost.” Commercial break. “I’m kinda… well I won’t say… but I’m having troubles getting upstairs.” “Miles falls up the stairs; Miles falls down the stairs.” (ladyinthewater) “Um… that seems uncharacteristically creepy of you, Marissa.” “Brains!” Miles starts upstairs, then “Hey! What’s your name?” “Jack! Er… Miles. Rausch. Dotcom.”

Miles sprints up stairs and ends up in the living room at the Gregg house. Camera swoops around him and shows Holli sitting on the couch.

“Hi sweetie. You about ready for Thanksgiving Dinner? We’re leaving in a couple minutes.” Miles hears from “Miles, Miles, Miles..” and flash back to Big Stone. Holli says, “Do you want some turkey?” “Uh, sure.” “Any color preference?” Miles laughs. “Standard black is fine. Are you going to have any?” “I’ll eat on the trip home.” Holli and him laugh for a bit, then flash forward to couch.

“I think something’s wrong with Marissa. She’s downstairs.” “Well, let’s go look.” Then go downstairs and end up in Big Stone. “Where are we?” “I don’t know. I think we’re… lost.” Commercial break. Still downstairs, Tony comes by.

“Dudes, hello.” “Tony. I keep ending up in two or three different places. What’s the deal?” “Dudes. You don’t know? I’m bad luck.” “Bad luck?”- Holli “Oh, sure. Every NDSU game I watch they lose, I never win at the Casino, my parents think I have five or six addictions, and my best friend moved half-way across the country. I’m bad luck.” “Stay away from my car.” “We’re going to run back upstairs. You stay here in case it doesn’t work.” “Dude, I’m not going anywhere.” They run back upstairs and end up a couple floors up.

They hear the monster sound. Tony comes up. “Dude, did you hear that?” The dinosaur sounds get louder and louder, and then Doofus comes up the top of the steps. Doofus attacks Miles, and he starts screaming. Tony and Holli wrestle Doofus off of Miles. Miles says, “I’m going back downstairs.” Tony says “Hey! What’s your name?” “Jack! Er… Miles. Rausch. Dotcom.”

He finally ends up back downstairs at the Gregg house. “Man, these jeans.” Marissa is down there, “Aren’t you ever afraid?” “I was freakin’ afraid of you just five minutes ago.” “Yeah, but really afraid.” “Fear is sort of an odd thing. When I was a rookie Newsbleeper, I was shooting a segment called ‘Ghost Stalkers (For Reals)’. And I was using a camera bag of equipment and I tore the side of it. So it ripped open and camera equipment just spilled out of it like angel hair pasta. The terror was just so- crazy. So real. And I knew I had to deal with it. So I just made a choice. I let the fear in, let it take over, let it do its thing, but only for five seconds. That was all I was going to give it. so I started to count. And it was gone. I went back to work, setup the equipment and it was fine. Funniest Newsbleep yet. What are you afraid of?” “Your turtle. She’s kinda creepy looking.”

“What do you think, Haji? Are you afraid?” Haji says something. Commercial break. “You know English?” Says something else. Miles stares off into space. Flashback to Big Stone. Haji on counter. “What do you have there?” Haji is on top of medal. Miles looks at it. Inset: the Best Actor medal. “Thank you for this, Haji. I can sell this for heroin!” He happily puts it in his pocket. Flash forward to basement. Says something else.

“I’m really going, Marissa.” “here, take this. Don’t turn it on until you get to Sioux Falls. You won’t have service until then. Then dial 911 once every hour. That’s the only way you’ll get rescued.” “We’ll be back to save you.” Miles runs back up the stairs and ends up in Big Stone. There is Holli and Tony. “Dude. What happened?” Miles turns to Holli, “Did you ever use a needle? Did you ever patch a pair of jeans?” “I made the drapes in my apartment.” “That’s perfect, can you patch these? They’re a little too long.” *ba dum ching* “Sure, I can do that. We should head home now.”

Miles and Holli hug everyone good bye. They drive until it’s dark. “Where are we going?” “I’m not sure. I think I took a wrong exit.” They end up on back streets somewhere. Suddenly the car loses power. “The car just stopped.” Then a spotlight turns on to the car. They both cheer at being rescued. Roll down window, and Holly and Bob approach car. “We just want the turtle.” Bob punches Miles out, Holly punches Holli out. They take Haji. They both kinda come to, and Miles and Holli start yelling, “Haji! Haji!” Cut to LOST end.

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  1. Whoah! Holli copied what I was gonna say, but I’ll say it anyway. This is the best Newsbleep yet! Wooo!

  2. So that’s what being on acid is like. I suppose I should watch Lost in order to get everything going on.

  3. I just couldn’t help thinking if you put all that creativity and brainwork in your academics you would have been magna cum laude!!! Very creative and a bit of upper level brain work there boy. Love the cameo of Hogan!

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