Newsbleep 008: A Very Precise Engagement

A Very Precise Engagement


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17 thoughts on “Newsbleep 008: A Very Precise Engagement”

  1. wow, pretty sweet! One thing though, thanks for calling me and letting me know! I had to find out through Paula going “What! they didn’t call you! Are you sure? They didn’t call you !?” Thanks a lot 😉

  2. First… it took until dark to be able to read!!!!! Second… is Holli just marrying you for the ring????? JK You are marrying him because he loves you not just because you love the ring right… after all I had to wait 25 years for a ring I loved and he is a LOT like his dad. hehe

  3. David, if it makes you feel any better you did get your shake before me. But they did call me and not you. BURN!

    Awsome Video!

  4. No Bryce you have it all wrong. He was on a conference call, with his beloved family all over the U S of A and says “I’m gonna ask, I’ll put it on speaker phone” and then he asked her to marry him and edited it out.

  5. Ok. I made that comment before I actually watched it. Everytime I’ve thought to watch it I’ve been at work killing time. Now that I saw it, I didn’t cry, but my eyes did get that glassy look. Linds also commented that his seemed a bit more planned than mine. Which is a good thing for you Miles, bad for Bryce.

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