Newsbleep 102: News-BOO-eep

Much like The Office has been, this episode is double long and half funny!

Miles Rausch –

Bob Davidson –
Holly Davidson –
Holli Gregg –
Matt Walker –
Marissa Gregg
Miles Rausch

Skeleton Suit by Birdmonster –
60’s Doll by Our Names in the Sand –
Additional Music by Miles Rausch

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Miles Rausch

6 thoughts on “Newsbleep 102: News-BOO-eep”

  1. Nice. I like how you’re trying all these new camera tricks.
    Also, I wished I could hear everyone’s lines during the Panel, usually I’d just try and follow one persons dialogue and would catch someone else’s funny lines on accident.

  2. Hey I just thought I should let you know who I am . My name is Phil and I made the video you used for a class at RPI. have fun.

  3. Very funny!


    “You sir, are a turd!”


    “Bingo. There’s the Palm d’Or.” Made me laugh out loud.

    And thanks for using my song!

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