T-shirt Delay

You’ll have to remain N* naked for a little bit longer. The t-shirt place that Holli and I have used in the past is in Madison, and he has not been very responsive, so we’re in the process of using a new vendor. As such, there are delays. I promise you’ll get your shirts, eventually. So, if anyone else wants shirts, you now have time again to order.

Newsbleep 105: Un-BRIDE-led

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Cumbia Bicheria by El Remolon – http://www.archive.org/details/pn015
Love Love Love Love Love by As Tall As Lions – http://podsafemusicnetwork.com/…

Miles Rausch

Sorry for the Delay

Dear Fans of Newsbleep:

I am terribly sorry. This past December and January have been rough for true fans of the show. While I’d like to think that Prima Donna was a good video to end on, there was no official episode of Newsbleep in December. What of January? Well, that’s coming, but I’m having problems.

I won’t bore you with the issues, but after a number of frustrating editing setbacks, I encountered a larger number of frustrating hosting setbacks. Long story short, I’m looking at options away from blip.tv. They’ve let me in down in a big way twice, and I think I’ll just take that burden on myself and figure out another solution.

The latest episode IS DONE. It is ready for viewing. It just doesn’t have a home on the Internet yet. I’m working on fixing that as soon as possible.

Stay tuned,