Newsbleep Ponders… Hope

I think it’s a shame that the good conspiracies never get brought up like the bad conspiracies. People are so eager to share stories of price fixing, election tampering, secret withholding, and general shenaniganing that they never stop to uncover the beneficial conspiracies.

How about the conspiracy between the hair product industry and the water utility companies wherein they both agree to keep prices low so people have hot water and “product” to shower with? Or the long-standing agreement between whales and dolphins which specifies that they should allow themselves to be caught for human entertainment because they’ve been on Earth so long that it’s time they just relaxed? Or what of the foundation-rocking alliance between Stephen King and his readers that he’ll never produce more than 666 novels in a year because some of his readers have kids or jobs?

Brings a little hope into the world, doesn’t it?