You Are Great!

You know what, I think you’d be a great writer. No, I do!

I’m assuming you watched the last Newsbleep and that you are eager to participate in the script-writing contest, but you’re nervous. You know what? Don’t be! Script-writing isn’t hard (I do it, after all), and it doesn’t need to be scary, either.

Today is the day that you start your screenplay for the season premiere of Newsbleep, and tomorrow is the day you continue it. Don’t let me down. I’m counting on you!

Regarding Take Away Show 66.1

I realize that there is a lot of confusion regarding the last video. A short time ago, I posted on my personal weblog,, about Strange Band Names. At the end of that post, I said:

If you do like indie music, and you want to see some acoustic concerts, check out these awesome Take-Away Shows. Do you guys have any weird band names you want to add?

Well, it seems that no one checked them out. That’s okay, but that was really the focus of this Take Away Show. What I did was my first experiment in parody that involved changing the look of the entire piece. I did do a Lost parody before, but that was mostly in content. I mimicked some camera shots, but the look of my Lost episode did not match the look of their Lost episodes. The same goes for eXtreme motoriZed Vehicle Makeover segment of the Christmas episode. That one was a closer parody, but little was done to the look itself.

Basically, I boiled down the Take-Away Show to these elements:

  1. A band of Indie Rock or Indie Alternative ilk
  2. A neat venue (usually a small bar, an intimate flat, or the streets of Paris)
  3. A poignant song to be played acoustically
  4. High-contrast look to the video
  5. One long shot, sometimes involving musicians in other locations
  6. Reaction shots of other patrons of said venue
  7. Big text for titles, dropped on top of sound and inbetween video from one or more locations

With that in mind, I created my Take Away Show with these elements:

  1. “The Emiliy Dickensen Making Music Band of Americanada” sounded just unique and pretentious enough to be the fictional band I wanted
  2. The venue is the alley behind and leading up to a gas station
  3. The song is called “How Long Must I Live This Waking Nightmare (This Hell)” but is actually a cover of the Rubber Ducky song from Sesame Street
  4. Done in After Effects
  5. We set up our band members along the alley way: Bob on vocals right away, then Bob on guitar, then Holly on guitar, then Holli playing percussion on guitar
  6. Not only reaction shots, but vocal reactions. A faint “Rock on” can be heard as we approach the doors of the gas station (I gave him the devil horns as a sign of appreciation)
  7. Done in Photoshop with original material as a source. Once I figured the font, then it was a matter of comparing kernings and such

So, there you go. In a very scientific way, that is the deal with the Take Away Show. This should alleviate all confusion and open the doors to laughter.

An Apology

I apologize to those who may have seen or downloaded the unbleeped version of Newsbleep 011: Bleepers! I certainly meant to bleep the cuss words, and while this isn’t a “Clean” show by any means, I like to keep it within television decency standards. A bleeped version of the episode will be up later today, don’t worry.

Welcome, Trojan Times Readers

Well, I bought an ad in the Dakota State University newspaper, The Trojan Times. I also bought an ad on Facebook, set to run until Monday in the DSU network. Is this the start of a whole new avenue of listeners? Will Newsbleep finally take off as an internet phenomenon?

I doubt it. But, it’s a good waste of thirty bucks.

I’ve made some changes to the site. There’s an about page. I added all kinds of links for subscribing on the right side. And, I updated the Archives page. So, go nuts!

—— Do Not Read Below This Line, Or Whatever (It Don’t Hurt Nobody) ——

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