Lost and Found


A short film we were going to do for a film contest last summer (2006), but we never got this edited on time. The topic was “lost and found”.


  • Test Pressing – Leaving Home
  • Ras Amerlock – Farther East
  • (Die) Pilot – Nameless
  • Emil Klotzsch – Geteiltes Sein
  • MBF – Wonderful Day
  • SmallTownRockStar – Lost & Found

Who Wants A Brownie?


This is a test. I shot the clips using my digital camera, and I put them together using Windows Movie Maker. The test was mostly to see what was possible using a PC and Windows Movie Maker so that my brother can make Traffic Talk in more than one take. It’s possible. It’s also possible to live for several minutes after being decapitated.