Sorry for the Delay

Dear Fans of Newsbleep:

I am terribly sorry. This past December and January have been rough for true fans of the show. While I’d like to think that Prima Donna was a good video to end on, there was no official episode of Newsbleep in December. What of January? Well, that’s coming, but I’m having problems.

I won’t bore you with the issues, but after a number of frustrating editing setbacks, I encountered a larger number of frustrating hosting setbacks. Long story short, I’m looking at options away from They’ve let me in down in a big way twice, and I think I’ll just take that burden on myself and figure out another solution.

The latest episode IS DONE. It is ready for viewing. It just doesn’t have a home on the Internet yet. I’m working on fixing that as soon as possible.

Stay tuned,


4 thoughts on “Sorry for the Delay”

  1. That’s ok, we can wait for a new Newsbleep. Heck, we waited seems like 10 years for a new Lost, and that is a way better show than this. Haha, just kidding 🙂

  2. Miles,

    What happened? How did we let you down? Please tell me, and let us help you. If there’s an issue we want to know about it, learn from it and fix it.

    You can e-mail me at or call me on my cell phone at 646-827-9773. If you get my voicemail, don’t leave one — drop me an e-mail. I don’t check my voicemail nearly as much as my e-mail.

    Please get in touch. It breaks my heart to see a blog post (or an e-mail, or anything else) like this. Whatever it is, we’ll fix it.


    Mike Hudack
    Co-founder & CEO,

  3. Hey Miles,

    I’ve done some research. I searched our support database and found that you’ve had transcoding problems before, so I figured that may be the issue this time. I checked out your account and… sure enough, your latest episode is up on blip but the Flash version is all messed up.

    I went ahead and downloaded the original version of your video. It plays mostly okay for me in QuickTime, but I noticed something weird: It acts like the video is really long, but it’s only 9.8 megs.

    I took a closer look and it appears that the metadata in your video file indicates that it’s almost an hour long — 54:16. But at a bitrate of 1,620 k/s that just doesn’t make sense. Sure enough, it’s not. Your QuickTime video stops playing for me after the 49 second mark.

    It appears that the original encoding was a little bit screwy, which is why our Flash transcoding was a bit screwy. How are you encoding these videos? You may want to take a look at our encoding tips at Those are known-good settings that should definitely work.

    I should mention that doesn’t touch your original video file. We leave it as-is. So I can say with some degree of certainty that the issue happened before you uploaded.

    Give me a ring at 646-827-9773. I’d love to chat.



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