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Lost and Found


A short film we were going to do for a film contest last summer (2006), but we never got this edited on time. The topic was “lost and found”.


  • Test Pressing – Leaving Home
  • Ras Amerlock – Farther East
  • (Die) Pilot – Nameless
  • Emil Klotzsch – Geteiltes Sein
  • MBF – Wonderful Day
  • SmallTownRockStar – Lost & Found

Newsbleep 009: The Death of

Written by Bryce Rausch. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

  • Welcome, Ghosts by Explosions In The Sky
  • Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • Train over the land by MOBYL
  • Muscle Man 64 by Dedacia
  • In Memoriam by True Wisdom
  • futuristic japanese hellriders from outer space by SxFxTxC
  • In Case Of Emergency Break Glass by Stray Borders
  • My remains by Dj Thopa