What the…

Well, as often happens at Newsbleep Studios, the real world overtook our delightful imaginary one. So, the Newsbleep Ponders didn’t quite cross the finish line. But, will we give up? No. We will deliver those forgotten Ponders because we may half-ass things, but we really try to finish them also.


Buckle up, bleeptard.

NaNewPonMo Begins

While most of the literary-minded will be dusting off their “Lil’ Fat” notebooks and diving right into NaNoWriMo, we, here at Newsbleep, will be doing no such thing. For one, we don’t own a “Lil’ Fat” notebook between the lot of us, despite their small size and great girth.

Instead, Newsbleep will attempt a loftier goal: NaNewPonMo. For those who can’t read made-up acronyms, NaNewPonMo is National Newsbleep Ponders… Month. In short, Newsbleep editors will post a new Newsbleep Ponders… for every day in November.


So, hold on, enjoy, and ponder…

T-shirts Are Go!

Finally! We have the t-shirts. I’m going to send them out to those of you who ordered sometime this week, with the hopes that they will arrive soon.

In other news, we wrapped filming of Newsbleep 107 this weekend in St. Paul, MN. We hope to have the episode up soon (with no promises).

The Old Becomes New

I’m bringing the old up to the new.

I’m planning on re-releasing all Season One episodes in full size glory – no longer will they be the tiny, eye-killing size they were. Instead, they’ll be the slightly large, vomit-inducing size that the Season Two episodes are. Also, I am updating the Credits for these Season One episodes. Also, I’m re-editing the first four episodes to include Creative Commons licensed music instead of their copyrighted originals. This is a tricky process as many of the original project files have been corrupted.

“But, Miles. I don’t want to go back and rewatch those episodes. I’m lazy.”

Don’t worry! They’ll come to you!

T-shirt Delay

You’ll have to remain N* naked for a little bit longer. The t-shirt place that Holli and I have used in the past is in Madison, and he has not been very responsive, so we’re in the process of using a new vendor. As such, there are delays. I promise you’ll get your shirts, eventually. So, if anyone else wants shirts, you now have time again to order.

Sorry for the Delay

Dear Fans of Newsbleep:

I am terribly sorry. This past December and January have been rough for true fans of the show. While I’d like to think that Prima Donna was a good video to end on, there was no official episode of Newsbleep in December. What of January? Well, that’s coming, but I’m having problems.

I won’t bore you with the issues, but after a number of frustrating editing setbacks, I encountered a larger number of frustrating hosting setbacks. Long story short, I’m looking at options away from blip.tv. They’ve let me in down in a big way twice, and I think I’ll just take that burden on myself and figure out another solution.

The latest episode IS DONE. It is ready for viewing. It just doesn’t have a home on the Internet yet. I’m working on fixing that as soon as possible.

Stay tuned,