We’re Back (Kinda)!

Guess who fixed the iTunes feed and video embed codes for his first video podcast: this guy (Miles)! And guess what that first video podcast was: this one (Newsbleep)!

That’s right. We were briefly not on the iTunes store anymore.¬†This was a result of Blip.TV, my old video host, shutting off our account because they were changing business models. A couple weeks ago, I put in a couple hours hosting the videos elsewhere, switching podcast plugins in WordPress, and generally conversing with iTunes to get us listed again.

View Newsbleep¬†on iTunes and subscribe like it’s the first time.

Browse our episodes on the site and play them in page like it’s the first time.

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Technical Difficulties

I was recently informed by longtime fan, writer and actor, Tony Rolfes, that Newsbleep videos are no longer working. The issue is that Blip.tv, my former video host, has changed their business plan and unceremoniously dumped Newsbleep off their servers. Grand. I’m gradually working at hosting these files elsewhere and getting them back onto the website.