Newsbleep 007: Christmas and Must-Nots

eXtreme motoriZed Vehicle Makeover; Happy Holidays from Newsbleep


  • Elementaires by CJ Kiff
  • E1 by MOBYL
  • Shoplifting books on how to steal by Wilderness Survival
  • The Clocks (Surgeon Remix) by Thom Yorke
  • Rauschen by Emil Klotzsch
  • Winter Wonderland by Bit Shifter
  • Jingle Bells by DJ Josh-O
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Hai! Roboto

10 thoughts on “Newsbleep 007: Christmas and Must-Nots”

  1. That was awesome! Way to go, babe! 🙂 I really liked how Tyler “shushed” Bryce. I also liked that you kept Cari and Adam’s “video” in there, even though it didn’t work at all. And I also liked David, Dan, Brenna, and Katie’s last greeting. They must have been bored… 😉

    It was great, I enjoyed the music with it! But you should have gotten a better hostess.

  2. First of all, it’s Nelsen not Nelson. But since it will be changing here soon I’ll let it slide.

    Second, Tony is waaay overrated.

    3rd. That one guy almost looks like Dave Foley.

    Other than that, good job. Except for the hostess :p

  3. That’s awsome…..I loved all of the greeting…they were great. I can’t wait to be part of anyother one :D!!!! You rule Miles!!

  4. Awesome editing. Which is probably the most boring compliment, but it’s always what I’m most impressed by. Everyone knows your funny and can write, but how many people know how good you can piece together such a mess of film.

    Loved the holiday greetings. Katie, Dave, Bren, and Dan have wayyyyy too much free time, wow. But it turned out nice. So, props for that.

  5. Another great Newsbleep. I finally made it in!! Holli, you say why make so many takes of us wishing happy holidays, we said… why not. =)

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