Newsbleep 103: TV Fan vs. Wild

Holli Gregg –
Danielle Sayler
Miles Rausch –

A Sheltered Life (Herzog Reprise) by Crepusculum – –

Miles Rausch

6 thoughts on “Newsbleep 103: TV Fan vs. Wild”

  1. Miles. Your accent was TOTALLY molded after Ricky Gervais! As soon as you spoke I was like, that british dialect is Ricky. And then half way through I was convinced and by the end I was absolutely positive. Just the line “man versus wild, man wins”.
    That being said you hit it DEAD ON! I loved this guys. Holli I loved loved loved you drinking the urine. Hilarious. Miles, your urine drinking scene was funny cause you have so much blood in your pee!
    Long ass comment, I know, but this was a good one.

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