Newsbleep Ponders… Chicken Road Trips

I think pot gets a bad rap (pun). Marijuana is a scape goat for much of the world’s lazy, unemployed, pot-head no-gooders. This kind of narcotic use isn’t a cause; it’s a symptom. I think we should be blaming sweatpants. Sweatpants allow extremely lazy people the ability to drive to the nearest Wal-mart and pick up a case of beer and some rotisserie-style chicken. People say to themselves, “These pants are so comfortable, why should I ever try something difficult again?” I don’t care who you are; no amount of pot smoking can help uncomfortable pants.

2 thoughts on “Newsbleep Ponders… Chicken Road Trips”

  1. I think Youtube and Cheetos have to be in the discussion. You eat cheetos you can’t work on anything cause of Cheetos fingers and when youtube came out Michael Scott didn’t work for a week.

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