Newsbleep Ponders… Parenting

I think discovering that your first born child is the Anti-Christ would be hard. It would probably be harder if you were religious. It would be even harder if you were Christian. And it would probably be most hard if you were the actual Christ. If you were the actual Christ, and your child was the Anti-Christ, you’d probably relate with other parents really easily. At least, from what I hear.

If you weren’t religious, you’d probably be, like, “Whatever. We’ll just stay away from the Christs from now on. Big loss.”

One thought on “Newsbleep Ponders… Parenting”

  1. This deep thought is bordering on blasphemy. So what, you’re Bill Maher now? I never knew…

    Question: What if it is not your *first*born child that fits that description?

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