Newsbleep 105: Un-BRIDE-led

Holli Rausch –
Marissa Gregg
Carol Gregg
Larry Gregg
Miles Rausch –
and Bridal Party patrons

Cumbia Bicheria by El Remolon –
Love Love Love Love Love by As Tall As Lions –…

Miles Rausch

15 thoughts on “Newsbleep 105: Un-BRIDE-led”

  1. You shoulda known Pamida sucks. That’s why they are closing stores all over.

    Do you even know how to change your car oil?

    p.s. I love any video that takes a shot at Bryce and makes me LOL.

  2. I liked the fact that you were a Duke & a Dutchess… Miles’ distorted Office shirt… the conversation including thread counts… broken hands as an excuse for the pianist… a tag in Holli’s veil… the deleted scene. It was great! 🙂

  3. Bridezilla indeed! 😉 I love the idea of registering at Pamida. Where else can you register for clocks, dogfood, and bras? Every young married couple needs those. Hilarious segment. I laughed out loud! I hope I didn’t wake up Anna Goddadavita. If I did, you better believe you are getting a phone call. I think you should pay for damages caused by my laughing at your Newsbleep. It is a stressful situation dealing with a sleepy and grumpy toddler at midnight.

  4. what the bleep was that. I never heard those words from you before. Maybe I should have gotten to know you better!!! Poor Miles!!! Your parents are saints!!
    FUNNY STUFF!! Hope you had a great time in Florida!! God Bless. Dad Rausch

  5. Who knew that I would play such a crucial role in the demise of your relationship?

    Also, if by some freak accident (falling off a railroad bridge? Is that the example Holli used?) I break both of my hands… you will feel really bad.

  6. Wow, I’m now hooked on Newsbleep. That was hilarious. I knew what my favorite segment was when Miles’ response to “Watcha doin’?” was, “Nothing. Sittin’ around smokin’.” The whole shopping over the phone thing made me laugh out loud. Great interaction. Holli, give the man four clocks.

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