Add My Quote!

Do you love Newsbleep, but feel that you could write better dialog? Or do you simply wish that somehow that awesome inside-joke you have with your friends could come out of the mouth of a stranger on the internet?

Here’s your chance.

Post your favorite quote into this discussion board, and I’ll choose a random number of them to appear in the February Newsbleep. If this doesn’t spell “awesome”, then I don’t know what does.

Either post your quote as a comment, post to the Newsbleep TV Facebook group, or post to the Newsbleep TV MySpace page.

3 thoughts on “Add My Quote!”

  1. Does it have to be a real person quote? Or can it be a quote from a movie/TV show?

    For a TV show, one of my favorites is Brian in Family Guy asking Peter, “You sure it was a book? Sure it wasn’t nothing?”

    For real quotes, I have one from David. “I don’t think I’m a big fan of dumb… but I’ll give it a try.”

  2. When you make someone cry in your absence know how much you are treasured and how painful is to miss

  3. Its not physical attraction or mental calculation,
    Friendship is god’s own creation,
    a hearty satisfaction,
    without any illusion …!!

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