Add My Quote!

Do you love Newsbleep, but feel that you could write better dialog? Or do you simply wish that somehow that awesome inside-joke you have with your friends could come out of the mouth of a stranger on the internet?

Here’s your chance.

Post your favorite quote into this discussion board, and I’ll choose a random number of them to appear in the February Newsbleep. If this doesn’t spell “awesome”, then I don’t know what does.

Either post your quote as a comment, post to the Newsbleep TV Facebook group, or post to the Newsbleep TV MySpace page.

3 thoughts on “Add My Quote!”

  1. Does it have to be a real person quote? Or can it be a quote from a movie/TV show?

    For a TV show, one of my favorites is Brian in Family Guy asking Peter, “You sure it was a book? Sure it wasn’t nothing?”

    For real quotes, I have one from David. “I don’t think I’m a big fan of dumb… but I’ll give it a try.”

  2. Its not physical attraction or mental calculation,
    Friendship is god’s own creation,
    a hearty satisfaction,
    without any illusion …!!

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